The Last Shackle

In these times of confusion and chaos it is perhaps more important than ever to find or revisit pathways that bring us to a place of simplicity and stillness. Even the most asleep among us feel a kind of relief that the insanity around the so-called holidays are finally done, as the intensity of energies and—for lack of a better term—weirdness, are sufficient to keep many folks wholly occupied with their navigation.

It is then no surprise that so many are longing for freedom from they know not what, only that they know they long to be free from whatever “it” is.

There are no shortage of ideologies ready to jump in and declare what is needed—you must be free from racism, sexism, religion, lack of spirituality, money, government, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, banks, luciferian cults, etc., ad nauseum. What is sometimes missed in these declarations is that the roots of each are the same, and that the last shackle holding us in a paradigm where such things are possible, permissible or even encouraged has nothing to do with perceived or permitted power.

For many years I experienced my own struggle with powerlessness, believing that I had no choices, only my own small coracle buffeted by winds in impossible seas. On one level of reality, this is very true, and anyone who suffers at the hands of injustice is wholly correct in claiming that status. Those whose lands are stolen and polluted are victims of a power mad elite whose coffers are never full enough, and those whose bodies are bought and sold either literally or figuratively are victims of a system that turns the 99% into commodities. These are harsh realities and I am not in any way dismissing them as mere figments of those in “victim consciousness”. Such blithely appellated phrases are often uttered in the deeps of thoughtlessness and we can do better. Abandoning judgmental programming is a good place to start.

What I seek to elucidate is the next dimension of these things, where through inner work one can discover the way out or, if you like, the way through. For this I will need to delve into the personal for a bit.

My life has been a series of challenges, many of those in more recent history are perhaps better described as through the colloquialism “fresh hell”, but certainly of one sort or another for as long as I can remember. It is not necessary to go into detail other than to acknowledge that I was born into a world where causing hurt was normalized. In this world, females were inferior and imparting life skills beyond the home was considered a waste of time, as was encouraging her to plan for contingencies in case marriage didn’t occur. This established a pattern, supported and reinforced through other manipulations and means, one that thanks to the multiple layers could not be perceived as artificial in my early years–what we refer to as “normalization”. It is the only way a sick society can successfully turn a highly gifted young woman into a tortured, insecure fuel cell that accepts her status as a food source for others, and blames herself for not “being better”.

Thus I spent my adult life struggling to overcome great obstacles, leveraging my innate intelligence to garner as many skills as I could and demonstrate my indispensability to those who might offer social advancement in some way. I actively cultivated the mindset with which I was programmed; to wit, that persons other than myself owned power, and I must demonstrate my usefulness as a commodity to those power brokers.

At first glance this may sound like good survival skills for someone who was severely disadvantaged, but what is less evident is the ground from which such a paradigm operates. It required that I hold an energy where I was never free to pursue anything that I enjoyed or with which I resonated, and never really believed that I was good enough at anything. For I needed to believe bad things about myself so that I would agree to accept the terms of my imprisonment within the system. Such is true for all people who are caught up in the dark programs.

To wake up one day in your 40’s and feel like your life has been an utter waste is never so bitter than the week after you total your car and get laid off the job you believed was leading you to a management position. Except perhaps the moment when you realize, some years later, that the car accident was arranged, but that’s another story. The sort of depression that sets in gives lie to the clinical compendiums’ claims—you are beyond the help of anything so simple as a pill, though you eventually give in and try them. The cycles of grief are the same but without the loss of a loved one, and without the compassion of those around you, for what you have lost is your life as a construct which you thought you had created for yourself, following the proscribed patterns dictated to you by a society which is profoundly sick. Instead, you are blamed for not being good enough on a grand scale—you discover the inner tune of self-insufficiency has picked up a chorus.

This is where the path goes truly dark. Probably the darkest you will ever know. Everyone you have trusted, cared for, given yourself to and for, will abandon you, because they, too, are part of the program. You find that you have never had a true friend, only people fulfilling the requirements of a program that you didn’t know you were part of and still don’t understand.

Some would say this has to happen so that you can clear away all of the things that haven’t served to carry you forward into a life of true fulfillment. I would not have been able to hear this at the time, but I agree with it now. It would most likely not have been possible for me to completely let go of what I had carefully constructed over the years to that moment in time without its destruction. However, it could have been a great deal easier if those who paralleled my spiritual path had been present for me instead of simply walking away with a shrug. And they will have their own baggage to sort at some point in the journey. As for my part, I have done what I needed to do to make my peace with it.

I cannot give you a single anecdote or even moment when this disaster began to turn around for me, partly because like Inanna (or more properly, the Inanna program), I went through 7 full years of loss, until I had almost nothing left. The critical moment occurred when a trusted friend dropped me at the curb of a day shelter for the homeless, one with only seasonal night shelter in a church basement where homeless people of all sexes and ages, only days before my 50th birthday. To be so cast aside as though you are nothing more than garbage after living a life of indispensability is gross injustice indeed, yet this is the world in which we all reside. That is the reality that everyone still dependent upon the programs has not woken up to See, that what would be considered disaster rides just alongside.

How many of us live one or two paychecks from such ruination, living under such heaps of debt that we no longer believe the lie that it can ever be repaid? Such an intolerable state is tolerated by almost every person in this country, because we believe, as a whole, that the prison is real and its doors are made of titanium.

What if I told you that the prison was false and that you can walk out of it at any time? Would you believe me? Would you even listen? Maybe you would listen, but you would go right back to your daily routine as though it were the reality.

The key that unlocks the prison is something that, once understood, can unlock any door. We are more than beings of dense matter abiding in a joyless existence punctuated by physical pleasure until we die.

Clearing your field is vitally important. We live in a world with complex and sophisticated programming where it is impossible to step out of it without some work. Even those who believe themselves to be relatively clear will discover hidden areas they didn’t know needed work. There are programs inside of programs, attached to other programs. It is a series of nesting dolls spread across multiple dark dimensions(sometimes “dark” merely means obscured or unknown, not “evil”). But it is not infinite and it is not insurmountable. If I can sort my own dark labyrinth, then so can anybody else.

One of the most virulent programs is probably the easiest to spot: fear. Everyone in America is subject to some form of fear programming, the most prevalent being the financial insecurity and debt slavery programs. There are equally dark programs that target vulnerable populations such as the poor or minorities and women, a topic which deserves many separate articles and much deeper analysis. Anyone that can be made to believe something negative about themselves will find at its root some kind of program.

Clearing programs can be engaged intellectually and emotionally through a process of inquiry as well as spiritually. We see this every day in discussion threads where those who are waking up discover the lies in the media or the machinations of the banking and pharmaceutical industries. Once you comprehend the nature of programming, releasing it is already occurring. The additional work comes through neutralizing its effect on you personally and will take different forms for everyone.

After the horrors I lived through, I found my heart chakra to be completely closed. I didn’t even know that was possible. It took work to re-open it but I did it, and I began to portal my life experience through that chakra. Everything around me began to change.

I had always considered myself good at “making things happen”, but now my ability to manifest takes on nearly comic proportions. I’ve had gift cards fall into my lap, found just the exact amount of change needed for groceries on the ground on my way to the store, had a shop keeper tell me to just take something that I had intended to purchase for my nieces as a gift, lucked into a pair of $120 pair of orthopedic shoes with $9.98 out of pocket then received a $10 gift card. When I really needed something, it would just be there. And when I spoke dissatisfaction with something, it would vanish from my life before I could blink.

This was just the beginning. I began to find it very easy to anchor my identity in more refined frequencies. Seeing myself as a being who exists across multiple dimensions and frequencies is not just “second nature”. It is my nature now. People began to change around me. I started to see others in a very different way. My natural “clairs” became more prevalent and stronger. My already sensitive empathy went stratospheric. I sometimes hear others thoughts with a surprising clarity. My inner knowing became non-linear, and I experiences of time which cannot be described in linear language. I understand why words like “fluctuate” and “chaos” in our current dying paradigm are rather inadequate. I know that these are just precursors of what’s coming, and this is available to everyone.

When you begin to shift to these frequencies, the old frames and mechanisms no longer work. You realize that the Universe isn’t linear, but a beautiful complexity that is also simple. 12 x 12 = 144. You see clues everywhere. You understand so much and when you see that you still have so far to go, you feel only joy at the journey. You feel light and you are Becoming so much more.

The Universal Field doesn’t respond to your vibration the way another might who is still deep in the dark programs, because the Universe is so much more than any one of us. When we say “I hate this prison I want out” note the first two words of that sentence: “I hate”. Those words become the vibration that’s being sent out into the resonance field and those words are going to be what are given back to us, greatly amplified. Maybe we believe something incorrect about ourselves like “I can’t be a success until I get a promotion.” Again, the first thing we are sending out is “I can’t be a success.” The Field will keep sending out experiences to ensure that we never feel successful.

True mastery of this paradigm is to understand that the Field has no limits, and because we are a child of the Universal Field, neither do we. We can replace the “I can’ts” and the “I hate’s” with “I choose”. We can change our fear of poverty, which always manifests as lack, to “I choose freedom from a life of debt slavery”. Maybe you believe you are always experiencing bad traffic or chronically late bus schedules. You can change it up with “I choose freedom from time fear” and “I see the best resolution of this moment for everyone involved.”

If you can make these “I choose” statements while vibrating the energy of acceptance and release in your heart center and letting it radiate out into your field, things will begin to change around you. It may not happen instantaneously, but watch the world around you for clues. Maybe you’ll see the people around you shift or hear about their lives being blessed by something they never expected. Keep your radar in listen mode for surprises. Accept and release.

Every negative we stop believing about ourselves loosens the fabric and weave of the dark Veil programs just a bit more. Many of us have been hard at work on the missions that we set for ourselves—and many more are realizing that the layers of programs from those who purport to be “higher beings” are another oppressive system. We choose to abandon those as well and reject any being, real or programmed, who claims authority and power over us. For it is this Now Moment when we are releasing every shackle, including that last bit of righteousness, of the need to be “right” about our belief systems, or even those whose work we followed.

With each shift, no matter how small, we are loosening the grip that the dark has on this world. This lays the groundwork for more insight and deeper, more profound change. Part of this work is understanding the true nature of its power, and how desperately the negatives don’t want you to realize it. Every dark program you clear from your body clears a part of the dark matrix. Removing a shackle frees shackles from more than just yourself. The disease of greed and the urge to possess transforms to a state of boundless joy in celebration of the Now, experienced moment-to-moment in an endless chain of moments, moments that aren’t chained at all, but fly, and you no longer feel a need to consume them.

For if more people knew the true journey of their Being, and how the Universe is rich with everything needed to make the journey, they would leave this prison en masse and surrender to the joy of Becoming.

I’m not saying or even inferring that I’m perfect or accomplishing this work perfectly. There are good days, bad days, good weeks, bad weeks. There are times when the exhaustion is so deep I forget that an extra push is needed to re-tune to these healthier energies. The last couple of months were really bad for me, but I’m still here. Unhappy, and often without joy, but I continue to do what I need to do in order to overcome. The key, it seems, is and has always been Intention.

Treat your heart center like a portal and learn its rhythms. You will have days of great expansion, and others with some contraction. The days of expansion will become more frequent and you will need to contract less and less. You will need to make room for self-healing. Listening will become more important than talking or “being right”. You will find that everyone is always right, because the Universe is big enough for everyone’s opinions. You will have a new capacity for love and compassion, for others and for yourself.

This is the NOW moment for transformation. We stand in the doorway of great change and great possibility. It is the Time of Becoming and we have a Universe waiting to bless us with abundance beyond comprehension.




almost like home

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The healing properties of cherry blossom

Beautiful thoughts on engaging the healing power of nature…

Whispers from the Meadow

The healing properties of cherry blossom

Prunus serrulata

​The Japanese see Cherry Blossom as symbolic of clouds with their cloud like blossoming and more beautifully Mono no aware ​which translates as ‘the pathos of things’ noting a empathy and sensitivity to the transience of aspects of life.

The Chinese recognise the feminine beauty of the Cherry Blossom and symbolise the flower with love.

Healing properties: Cherry Blossom brings the feminine energy of love to spring and brings the healing energy of giving, enhancing and attracting love through the feminine energy.

Chakras:​ Anahata – The love of cherry blossom resonates with your heart chakras.

Meditation:​ Walk amongst the flowering blossom trees. Sit beneath a blossom tree in a park or in your garden. Drink some water to bring flow to your body. Take five slow and deep breaths.

With an open heart ask for the unconditional love of the Universe to support you with you intention to…

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Picture 069

The idea of journeys has been much on my mind of late, and how much can change in our perception of those journeys over time. In our problem-solving, westernized, platonic worldview, we tend to see our lives as linear, individualized and direct experience, running at breakneck speed from the moment of birth until…

Picture 074

…well, you know.

I’m not posting this blog to tell you what to see or think or feel in contemplating the idea of “journey”. Breaking down western ideas/ideals is a subject of far too much depth and breadth for one blog post. But I think that we can find better ways to ponder where we are on the map. Since we can really only talk from our own insides, I’ll use one personal example. I want to show you the fallacy of disconnection.

When I first made the images you see above, I was still fairly new to my formal training on what we tend to call, for lack of better words, a “spiritual path”. When we talk about journeys in the non-traveling sense, it is inevitably framed as religious arcana of one school of thought or another. We rarely simply see “journey” as the living of a human life. It is because we westerners bifurcate living into “secular” and “spiritual”, or “work” and “home”, or “intellectual” and “emotional”, and inevitably assign things like gender roles to the conceptualizations themselves.

This is part of the Cartesian fallacy (though I would more appropriately call it “phallacy” since it is part of the obviating of the female of our species, but I digress). To split our thinking, our living, into illusory polarities is part of the sickness of the western mind. We have divorced ourselves from ourselves.

Picture 077

The lived reality of people who have never split their consciousness along polarities, or who have recovered that splitting of the self, is quite different from your average over-stressed, over-worked, angry, disappointed and unfulfilled American. When we split our being-ness into separate silos, and never allow them to bleed into each other, we set ourselves up for disaster. We are, in fact, disconnecting from our selves, our environment, each other, and the world.

Picture 080

The ancients understood that humans carried potential beyond what could be tangibly seen and experienced through interaction with the physical world. All you need do is search “DMT” or “Ayahuasca” on the internet and you will see a vast territory to explore in regards to consciousness. Some say that the original “tree of knowledge” was in fact a psychedelic plant, and its “forbidden fruit” a gateway to an understanding of the world beyond The Garden.

Picture 075

When I started the journey that you can see laid out in these cards, I was abandoning my forebrain to explore consciousness in new ways, allowing my mind to bring together images and words to create something that hadn’t existed before. I didn’t need someone to tell me how to drive, just like I don’t need someone to tell me how to sleep or breathe. That feeling of disconnect, of being separate and alone, was the illusion. And all the world I saw around me as cold, unfeeling, demanding and uninviting, was not the world at all, but the veil over the world. It was a big black sharpie mark on the real map, the map that led back to me.

Picture 076

Blessings to your path.