The healing properties of cherry blossom

Beautiful thoughts on engaging the healing power of nature…

Whispers from the Meadow

The healing properties of cherry blossom

Prunus serrulata

​The Japanese see Cherry Blossom as symbolic of clouds with their cloud like blossoming and more beautifully Mono no aware ​which translates as ‘the pathos of things’ noting a empathy and sensitivity to the transience of aspects of life.

The Chinese recognise the feminine beauty of the Cherry Blossom and symbolise the flower with love.

Healing properties: Cherry Blossom brings the feminine energy of love to spring and brings the healing energy of giving, enhancing and attracting love through the feminine energy.

Chakras:​ Anahata – The love of cherry blossom resonates with your heart chakras.

Meditation:​ Walk amongst the flowering blossom trees. Sit beneath a blossom tree in a park or in your garden. Drink some water to bring flow to your body. Take five slow and deep breaths.

With an open heart ask for the unconditional love of the Universe to support you with you intention to…

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