Be a part of publishing my first book!

For a short time, you can become a part of launching my new e-Publishing company, A Golden Grove, and receive an exclusive preview of my new e-Book of Poetry and Photography, The Earth Beneath.

The Earth Beneath is a work celebrating the journey that Light Workers and Wanderers have known here on this beautiful world. It is a love song for Twin Flames, and a communing from my own deeps with those who resonate with the frequencies of Love and Becoming. It has been my greatest desire to share this work with the community and my privilege to do so.

Through this effort I hope to raise sufficient funds to develop my own website and hosting so that I can e-publish the works of authors in the Light Worker community and make them available to the general public. I will use as a platform and build the website myself, using community resources, feedback, and insights through regular engagement, such as in Facebook groups.

There is opportunity for multiple departments within a publishing company, so I intend to fully explore that as well. Submissions will be peer reviewed for inclusion into the publishing house, rather than relying solely upon the arbitrary decisions of a single house editor.

I am absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter in my life, something that I have dreamed about for some years now. To bring my own creation to life, as it were, through this effort, is a blessing beyond words.

Click here to see a sample of the work included in The Earth Beneath, including the title work.

To participate in this fundraiser, and receive your exclusive access to The Earth Beneath, follow these steps:

  1. “Like” my page on Facebook (located at this link)
  2. Share the pinned post at the top of the Facebook page about my Publishing House Launch, simply share and highlight this article on your wall.
  3. Share this article in at least one of your groups where its reception would be welcomed.
  4. Make a donation of at least $11.11 via Paypal by choosing “send money to friends” to the publishing house email It’s super important to choose “send money to friends” since you are not purchasing a product, but making a donation to a fundraiser.
  5. Forward the confirmation email of your Paypal donation to me at, with a note that you “liked” the Facebook page and shared it on your wall.

Once I receive your email confirmation, I will give you access to The Earth Beneath, which is currently a PDF document on my Google Drive. The book will only be available on Google Drive through the end of November, so be sure to get your request in as soon as you can.

My goal of 111 contributions by 11/11 – and I love the alignment of those numbers in conjunction with the Scorpio New Moon! We are in a time of immense possibility and beautiful change. I look forward to sharing this with you!

Rich blessings…



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