Get my book for FREE for a limited time!

UPDATE: The free period has ended. My thanks to all who shared this journey with me! For more information on how to obtain a copy of my work, The Earth Beneath, please see the previous post on this blog. Blessings to all.


For the next week, you can access my book, The Earth Beneath, for FREE. You will need Adobe Reader on your device, and may be prompted to use another free software platform to view. It is a large document in terms of memory so if you have limited data on your tablet, be advised.

Please share this blog post or the Facebook post where you found it rather than the link so that folks will know what it’s about.

This 128-page book of Collected Poems and Photography reflects a lifetime of insights and experiences, and I want to share it with all of you as a thank you for your ongoing support, and to honor your own life’s journey.

If you would like to make a contribution to my work, you can donate via paypal to Your comments and feedback are always appreciated! Does this work speak to you? If yes, let me know.

Rich blessings to all!



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